30 Days of Autoimmune Protocol

Ginger Citrus Glazed Salmon

Ever have those days where it felt that no matter what you did, you couldn’t get ahead of the curveball? Yeah, that was me this week. I had a mile long list of things that had to be done, but it seemed life kept pushing back. Will was having a down day on his health journey and wasn’t able to help me. My eight month old decided that he had enough of eating mush and decided to cut six teeth at once. So not only was it a crazy day, but my backup wasn’t able to help and I had a baby that refused to leave me.

I was desperately trying to cross at least one thing off my list and complete the laundry. I know, one of the never ending household chores. I swear the laundry multiplies and has laundry babies each time I put a load in the washer! Anyways, my frustration level was to the boiling over point when my four-year-old daughter decided to remind me of the important things in life. Lexi decided that she needed to cheer me up, so she tied a sweater around her neck and wore her swimsuit as her “superhero hat”. She then launched herself at me, wrapped her arms around me and squeezed with all her might as she told me, “Be happy Mom.”


“Be happy Mom”, man what a knife to my heart! So often I feel the pressure of the busy work that I think I should do, but I was reminded of the little thing I had forgotten. Laundry will always be there, but the opportunity for memories won’t be there. So I pushed the laundry basket aside, pulled the dining room chairs into the living room, grabbed my daughter’s comforter and made an awesome fort with Lexi. We had story time, snacks, snuggles and lots of giggles under that awesome fort.


Dinner time came and I was running slightly behind on prep. I had originally thought to make something else. I had gone so far as to begin prepping the ingredients for the other meal, until my husband came into the kitchen and asked for Salmon. I hadn’t thought of having Salmon that night, and it involved a change of plans. Thankfully, that change of plans turned out amazing! It was like a party in my mouth. My daughter loved this meal so much that she proceeded to eat her portion and then attack half of mine!!! My husband has asked that this become part of the monthly meal plans every month. I love when unplanned meals are a hit!


Ginger Citrus Glazed Salmon

4- 3 oz Salmon pieces
4 oranges juiced + the zest of 2 oranges
1 c. coconut aminos
1 large piece of ginger, peeled and grated, saving a few pieces of the grating for later

In a saucepan, pour the coconut aminos, add the zest 2 of the oranges, juice the oranges and add to the pot, add the majority of the grated ginger (after setting aside a small amount for later). Add the salt and cook over medium heat. Cook until the sauce thickens and coats the back of the spoon. Remove from heat, and set aside a small amount for later. Place the salmon on a parchment lined baking sheet. Spoon the sauce over the salmon, making sure it is coated. Sprinkle a little of the grated ginger over the salmon. Bake at 350 F for 22 minutes, until it is fork tender. Spoon the remainder of the sauce over the salmon. Serve immediately.




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