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How I bought $170 worth of Cereal for $10.30!

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Y’all I now understand why some people have the shopping “high”! I just scored thirty-one boxes of Annie’s Organic Cereal for $10.30. That’s right thirty-one boxes! No, I’m not talking about the home based business of Thirty-One bags. So, for the price of TWO boxes of cereal I bought thirty-one boxes. (Let’s see how many times I can type thirty-one)! The crazy thing is that I did this without the aid of coupons!!!! How did I score this amazing deal without coupons? I’m so glad you asked!

It all started because my fuel gage hit E as I left work on the first day of Kroger’s Mega Sale (Wednesdays for those not in Kroger-land). Now I like to plan my shopping trips, especially when they are having the huge mega sales. What started as an innocent thing, turned into a mega find! I had only planned on running in and grabbing the tri-fold circular that told what was part of the mega sale, but alas they were out of them at the Kroger close to my work. So, I thought I would do a quick perusal of the store to get an idea of what was part of the mega sale. I didn’t even grab a cart as this was a reconnaissance mission. No coupons, no cart, just my purse. While I saw a lot of good sales and made plans to link them with my coupons, nothing jumped out and screamed at me until I walked through the organic section. Here the little blue Mega Sale sign jumped out like it was lit up with neon lights! Annie’s Organic Cereal, originally $5.59/ box was on sale for $0.70 and on the Mega Sale for $0.30! I ran and grabbed a cart and loaded every single box on the shelf in the cart. I dashed to the checkout, and gleefully waited as they began scanning my haul. But the total wasn’t around $10 like I had calculated, but $118 and some change!!!! I internally freaked out a little bit! No way, was I going to spend that much when the sign clearly said $0.30 (plus $0.70 for one)! I told the cashier that the sign had said $0.70 with a mega sale price of $0.30. So she called her manager over and had the manager check. When her manager came back, it was with the signs I had said. Yes, it was a typo; but they were honoring their sign and giving me the boxes for $0.30/ box and one for $0.70. It was amazing to see the total go from $118 and change to $10.30! Plus, I had 6 Catalina print off for 20 Box Tops each! Not bad for a 15 minute run through the store.

Now before some of you gasp at the sheer amount of cereal we would have to eat! Or complain that we emptied the shelf, I gave 2/3 of the cereal away to a local shelter and felt excited to do it.

What did this haul teach me? That I need to check the tags because sometimes you’ll find amazing deals! Also, if I had brought my coupons in I would have been able to buy the cereal for $6.30 as I had 4 of these $1 off on ONE box of Annie’s Organic Cereal. That would have been crazy! But I wasn’t going to worry about that, I still felt like a winner as I danced out of the store with my thirty one boxes of cereal!




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3 thoughts on “How I bought $170 worth of Cereal for $10.30!

  1. Haha, what a score!!
    I’ve gotten diapers from Kroger for free before because their tag didn’t match the computer price. They don’t do that anymore, but it was a cool thing to happen!! lol
    Also, I don’t know where you live, but I love the website, Southern Savers because she shares current sales at stores (I only watch the Publix ad) and she matches current coupons to the sales, making for some amazing deals. I love matching BOGOs with coupons! 😀


    1. WOW! I haven’t been able to get the diapers for free yet! But I did buy them for $3.75/ bag at the last mega sale! I’m slightly jealous of that. That is quite an amazing haul!


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